Valentine Lavender Sachets

Let me first say, this post is a bit past due, but I love Valentine's Day and thought I should share it anyway. I haven't been very present here on my blog and I apologize for that. I am trying to be more present with my creative self, and this is the first of those efforts. At the beginning of January, I began searching for the perfect DIY project to turn into Valentines for all the powerful, beautiful women in my life.  I came across this tutorial on Purl Bee and knew this was the very project I would undertake as the first DIY project of the new year.   I spent the better part of January working on these lavender sachets and wanted to share this little video of my process. Enjoy!


Cindy Gay said...

Very professional project and tutorial Michelle!

gretchen said...

i got one! i got one! lucky me... shel, your projects are always so beautifully executed. thank you!3719