Overdue Bunny Parcel

April has somehow escaped me and I find myself struggling with life, time, and my blog.  I attempted to carve out some time just after Easter to share this, but it never happened...life took over.  Though late, I wanted to share it anyway because I had so much fun making these little packages for my friends and family.
I had water colored these bunnies last year, and finally they found their way to these cute little cards.  I had so much fun adding the pink washi tape to the envelopes.  If you haven't experienced the fun of washi tape, you can look at Wishy Washi.
My favorite part was figuring out the wrapping for these little parcels.  I used painter's paper, which was the perfect blank canvas, washi tape and bakers twine.  I also scored some fabric tape from Somerset Studios, which is my most recent addition to my tape supply.
Everyone wanted to know were I got the cute little bunny cookies.  I found them in the organic section of Kroger's when on a trip to see my daughter.  They are bunny grahams from Annie's, and boy are they yummy.  What didn't end up in little Easter packages ended up in my tummy!

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gretchen said...

loved, loved, LOVED my package!! thank you so much... adorable!!